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XL face & body make-up sponge

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Even with a perfect foundation, you would still need a good make-up sponge to get the job done!
Let me introduce you to this big, black, perfect new product that will make your life a lot easier.
This latex-free sponge sits perfectly in the palm of your hand and makes your job a lot more precise. It is a uniquely large size that helps cover large areas fast and without smears. 
How can our drop- shape sponges help you save money?
Touch was created from a special material that does not absorb a lot of foundation.

It will make it last longer.
It has a flat side that will help you with contouring and highlighting.
While it might seem like any other sponge, this well-designed product has specific qualities to make it stand out from the others. Like the pointy tip for those tougher areas around the eyes and nose.
When wet, the sponge gets a lot bigger and can be kept inside its original box while not in use.
"Touch" sponge is perfect for professional and personal use.